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education and energy


education and energy are basic conditions for a sustainable development.

The BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic, Cooperation and Development) writes in a strategy paper:  „Africa has all possibilities", especially in the energy field by the use of renewable energy sources and enhancing energy efficiency to provide a modern and sustainable energy supply for all citizens.“

Profound education and training for teachers

Messbungen am Koffer in AfrikaThe basis for this is profound education and training in the field of sustainable energy supply with renewable energies.

Profound education... This is exactly the aim of the project:

Trainers from German vocational schools support African colleagues on the subject of photovoltaics and show how modern technology can be used to make the sun's energy available to everyone.

"Initial and further training for teachers is supported by the BMZ initiative Green People's energy for Africa, which was launched by Federal Minister Dr. Gerd Müller, and is funded by GIZ".

Multiplying knowledge and education

The African colleagues pass on this knowledge in their countries to their pupils and students and try to train as many people as possible and implement projects locally.

On our pages you will find a lot of information about this important project "Training of trainers for a world with a future through vocational training".

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The founders

The project is designed to bring electricity to remote parts of Africa.
A case with kits for small solar systems - that's the idea of the initiators Günter Mögele, Willi Kirchensteiner and Manfred Wolf


During the past 2 years, almost 100 multipliers have been trained at 5 training dates in Wildpoldsried. Three courses were held in English and two courses in French. In addition to the training courses in Wildpoldsried, mentoring assignments also take place on site in Africa.

VET4AFRICA - Train the trainersVET4AFRICA - Train the trainers

Almost 100 teachers from different African countries have been trained already in Wildpoldsried.

VET4AFRICA - Train the trainiersVET4AFRICA - Train the trainiers

During missions on site in Africa, seminars and training courses are held in close cooperation with the local universities and schools.

Our projects
PV1: modular PV - trainingsystem

This course is the basis for all work in the field of generating electricity using photovoltaics.

Our projects
PV2: self-sufficient house or community power supply

Real project planning and construction of an energy supply system up to the level of a village power supply.

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