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Container full of computers for Africavet4africa einleitung 250

VET4Africa organizes delivery of a 20 feet container to Cameroon

Director of Studies Günter Mögele, responsible for IT in the school management of the "Staatliche Berufs-schule I in Kempten" organized a large-scale collection campaign together with the projects VET4Africa and IT4Africa. In Bavarian schools, many new teaching aids and computers were purchased last year as part of the digitization offensive due to Corona, and materials in need of renovation were discarded. At the same time, in many regions of Africa, education is often provided using only the simplest of means.

Direct support for energy training in Africavet4africa einleitung 250

„Training in Africa with online support from Germany“

Since travelling to Africa is not possible at the moment, African master trainers have to organize and con-duct the trainings on site themselves. The extensive basics that were taught to them in Wildpoldsried be-fore Corona could be refreshed and deepened in online courses. In addition, the supporters of the VET4Africa project also provided assistance via the internet during the training courses in Africa.

vet4africa einleitung 250VET4Africa, training and support despite Corona

"World with a future through vocational education"

With a lot of energy and commitment, the team of the project VET4Africa (vocational education and training for Africa) managed to offer a course for teachers from all over Africa at the end of the year. On the 3rd Advent weekend, December 12 and 13, the German trainers offered......

vet4africa einleitung 250Information about the Africa project VET4Africa

„A world with a future through vocational training“

Under the title "World with a future through vocational training", a wide range of activities have been developed in recent years to support Africa. These will be further expanded and continued in 2020.

fortbildung einleitung 250Advanced training for Africans in Wildpoldsried

Knowledge from the Allgäu for the future of Africa

In April 2019, 18 trainers from 6 African countries (Benin, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Senegal and Togo) came to the ecological education centre "Kultiviert" in WILDPOLDSRIED to take part in a French-speaking training course entitled "Green Citizen Energy for Africa".

solarkoffer einleitungSolar suitcase in Senegal

Solar case for Africa

In December 2018 4 lecturers from Bavaria flew to Senegal and trained Senegalese teachers in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems in the Bavarian house in Thies. In their luggage they had 50 solar suitcases financed by the Bavarian state for the training at schools in Senegal.




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