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Press reports about VET4Africa

Vet4Africa-Ausbildung der Ausbilder07. DEZEMBER 2019 | Source: Kreisbote Kempten und Umgebung

On a cultural trip

Minister of Culture visits Kultiviert. During an excursion to the Allgäu in the first week of November, Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo, together with Alexander Hold, Vice-President of the State Parliament, and Indra Beier - Müller, a candidate for the rural service area, also visited the ecological education centre in Wildpoldsried. the complete report (in german)

Vet4Africa-Ausbildung der Ausbilder29. OKTOBER 2019 | Source: Kreisbote Kempten und Umgebung

Sun, know-how, quality of life

Africa's future lies in solar power - the energy community of Wildpoldsried trains trainers. Wildpoldsried - "Train-the-Trainers" - teach the teachers - was the motto once again in Wildpoldsried during the past two weeks. the complete report (in german)

Solarpionier - Willi Kirchensteiner24. OKTOBER 2019 | Source: BR - RADIOREPORTAGE

A life for clean energy:

Solar pioneer Willi Kirchensteiner

Willi Kirchensteiner is known far beyond the borders of Indersdorf. The electrician and physicist has been under the spell of the sun for 40 years. Among other things, he has invented an emergency solar case, which is also in great demand in Africa.

....hear the complete report (in german)

Ein Koffer voller Möglichkeiten18. OKTOBER 2019 | Source: Johanna Stummer

A suitcase full of possibilities

Solar function suitcase for Africa: Teacher from Altötting in the training team.

Knowledge transfer is the central goal. the complete report (in german)

Solarkoffer für Afrika07. OKTOBER 2019 | Source: Mindelheimer Zeitung

How people from Mindelheim help in Uganda

Technical school: Eight students set off on an arduous journey in November. In Uganda they want to construct a very special device together with young people. the complete report (in german)

Solarkoffer für AfrikaMAI 2019 | Source: Schwäbischer Schulanzeiger

Train the trainers' project

For the third time already, a two-week multiplier training course for vocational school teachers from Africa took place at the beginning of April in the ecological education centre of the Swabian energy community of Wildpoldsried. the complete report (in german)

Solarkoffer für Afrika23. JANUAR 2019 | Source: Kreisbote Kempten und Umgebung

Solar case for Africa

Training for an ecological and economical energy supply. In December 2018 4 lecturers from Bavaria flew to Senegal and trained Senegalese teachers in the conception and assembly of photovoltaic systems... the complete report (in german)

Vet4Africa - Presse16. JANUAR 2019 | Source: Allgäuer Zeitung

Providing aid in Africa with Wildpoldsrieder solar kits

Energy: Four lecturers train Senegalese teachers to install photovoltaic systems the complete report (in german)

Ausbildung der Ausbilder für eine Welt mit ZukunftNOVEMBER 2018 | Source: vlb-akzente Schulpartnerschaften

Project in Bavaria and Africa

Train the trainers for a world with a future... the complete report (in german)

Vet4Africa - Presse25. OKTOBER 2018 | Source: Allgäuer Zeitung

"inquiries come from all over the world"

Vocational School I Development Minister Dr. Gerd Müller promotes qualification on the African continent. Teachers are already involved in several projects. the complete report (in german)


Vet4Africa-ausbildung der Ausbilder23. JULI 2018 | Source: Wildpoldsrieder Duranand

First pilot course in "KULTIVIERT"

In the last two weeks, the first course entitled "Training of trainers for a world with a future through vocational training" took place in the "Kultiviert". the complete report (in german)

Vet4Africa-solarkoffer13. JULI 2018 | Source: Kreisbote Kempten und Umgebung

Solar function case for decentralized energy

Wildpoldsried trains African trainers in green electricity the complete report (in german)

African Trainer Course28. JUNI 2018 | Source: Bayerischer Rundfunk Abendschau

African Trainer Course Wildpoldsried

Report and documentation of the Bavarian Broadcasting Company about the community of Wildpoldsried and the first trainings within the framework of the Africa project VET4AFRICA for African teachers from different nations.

....see the complete report (in german)

Vet4Africa - Presse07. DEZEMBER 2017 | Source: Allgäuer Zeitung

Starting signal for Africa aid

Education: Teachers learn in Wildpoldsried how kits for solar systems work

Wildpoldsried: The project is to bring electricity to remote parts of Africa: Suitcases with kit for small solar systems - this was the idea of the initiators Günter Mögele, Willi Kirchensteiner and Manfred Wolf... the complete report (in german)

Vet4Africa - Presse09. NOVEMBER 2017 | Source: Allgäuer Zeitung

World Climate Conference: A suitcase stands out

Energy: An Allgäuer presents his parts for small solar plant...

Willi Kirchensteiner presented his solar suitcase for the Ministry of Development. With it, electricity can be generated in developing countries. Now young Africans are being trained in Wildpoldsried. the complete report (in german)

Vet4Africa - Presse21. SEPTEMBER 2017 | Source: Allgäuer Anzeigenblatt

With the sun towards the future

3 teachers want to train Africans in Wildpoldsried, so they can generate solar power in your home country. Energy for Africa's future - this is what 3 teachers in Wildpoldsried want to offer. Their idea:... the complete report (in german)

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